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Small Cap Swing Trading System

Your membership to Crestrade will include alerts from the Small Cap Swing Trading System

Small Cap Swing Trading System Specifications
Perfect for: Traders looking for the high profit potential of low-priced stocks within a few days
Trading Style: Swing Trading (may also use options for "covered call" positions)
Average Hold Time: 5-15 Trading Days
Trade Frequency: 3 - 8/month, max of 4 simultaneous open positions
Focus List: Stocks trading below $18/share with high volume and volatility and their options contracts
Strategy Objective: 60-70% winning trade ratio with winning trades profiting significantly more than losing trades cost
Profit Goal*: 3.5-10.5% Profit per Trade
Risk Control: Stop Losses of 2-6% on every trade
Alerts Used: Entry and Exit Signals through a Trade Alert Email, Live Trading Room and Trade Forum (demo)
Delivery Method: All can be delivered to Computer, Smart Phone and Tablet via instant messanger and emails

* Note that profits are NOT guaranteed on ANY trade, and that the SEC wants you to know that "Day Trading involves risk and you can lose a lot of money". Please allocate funds responsibly.

Swing Trade Small Caps for Big Profits

When we look for Small Cap Swing Trades, we are looking for stocks that have high profit potential and support or resistance levels that indicate a limited amount of risk on each trade. Our Stock Trading experts scan the market looking for the best Small Cap Stocks that meet these criteria:

  1. A reason behind every alert: Each and every trade alert that you receive will tell you exactly what analysis led us to make the trade, the expectations we have for the trade, and the things you should be watching for as the trade progresses.
  2. Limit Exposure to Risk: No matter how hard we try, we are going to have losing trades. That is why it is critical that our swing trade methodology has a well-defined stop loss. This stop-loss price will be on the other side of significant mid and short-term support or resistance levels. By reducing risk on each individual trade, we can significantly reduce overall draw-down and enhance profitability.
  3. Get the Maximum Profit out of winning trades: Successful small cap traders understand the beauty of the breakout. We will "let winners ride" by moving our stop to our entry price and holding the position until it has PROVEN to us that the current trend is over. The result is often a trade that exceeds our original profit goals.

Trade Alerts for Entry AND Exit

In order to learn online stock trading, you must understand not only WHAT we are doing, but why we are doing it. At Crestrade we believe strongly in the value of education and improving your stocktrading ability.

You will always know exactly where we stand on every trade, every day. We will send you real-time entry AND exit trade alerts via email and our Live Trading Room (Click here for demo) along with our online trade forum to keep you fully up to date on every position. Each alert and update comes complete with an expectations and analysis movie (view demo) that includes entry price limits, stop loss levels and profit targets to insure that you always know exactly what is going on with every open position in your account!

Small Cap Trading that works with YOUR Schedule

Every small cap trade alert that we send is sent with the notion that the trade can be made anytime within the next 24 hours. You simply will NOT need to be at your computer all day in order to enjoy the full benefits of our Small Cap Swing Trading System!

The Small Cap Swing Trading System is one of Crestrade's Swing Trading systems.

Your membership with Crestrade will also include all of our Day Trading Systems and Options Trading Systems, along with each of our other 3 Swing Trading Systems.


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