Day Trading, Swing Trading and Options Trading Systems

Swing Trading System

Your membership to Crestrade will include trading alerts from all of these proven swing trading systems:

  • Classic Swing trading - Profit from as little as 3-6 day hold periods on well known, extremely liquid stocks
  • Small Cap Swing Trading - Focus on $4-$15 stocks with large profit potential over a short time period
  • QQQ Swing Trading - Trade QQQ for profits in both up-trending and down-trending markets.
  • Overnight Gappers - Alerts sent 30 minutes before the market closes designed to cash in from overnight moves

Utilize A "Glass Box" Approach to Trading

Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned trader, you want to know the analysis behind the trades. At Crestrade we believe strongly in the value of education and improving the trading ability of our members. We call it a "glass-box" approach to trading:

With Crestrade, you will always know exactly where we stand on every trade through its completion. We will send you real-time entry AND exit trade alerts along with our online trade forum-(Forum Demo).

Intelligent trading gives you the advantage

Tired of buying stocks and then hoping that they go up? Isn't it time that you had a strategic trading strategy based on proven methodology?. Crestrade's Swing Trading System will send you trade alerts on stocks that meet the following criteria for success:

  • High Profit Potential - Trade must have reasonable expectation of profit that is 2-3 times greater than anticipated risk
  • Strict Risk Control - Significant support or resistance level and stop-loss order protecting position in case of trend reversal
  • Probability of Success - Trend-channel analysis, volume patterns and other leading indicators must point in the same direction
  • Increase Profits through "Covered" options sells - Many of our Swing Trading positions also include instructions to sell options against your position and profit from the time decay of premiums (Covered Calls and Covered Puts).

Membership options to fit YOUR trading style and goals

You will always know exactly where we stand on every trade, every day. We will send you real-time entry AND exit trade alerts via email and our Live Trading Room (Click here for demo) along with our online trade forum to keep you fully up to date on every position. Each alert and update comes complete with an expectations and analysis movie (view demo) that includes entry price limits, stop loss levels and profit targets to insure that you always know exactly what is going on with every open position in your account!

Your membership with Crestrade will also include our Day Trading System and Options Trading System. You just set up your preferred allocation of our strategies and let your broker take care of the rest.


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