Day Trading, Swing Trading and Options Trading Systems

Options Trading Systems

Your membership to Crestrade will include trading alerts from all of these proven options trading systems:

  • Vertical Credit Spreads - Profit from a stock staying above or below a specific price level, as well as the time decay of option premiums
  • Butterfly - Limited risk strategy that profits BIG when the stock ends at or near your price on expiration day
  • Iron Condor - Profit from time decay and limit your risk exposure with this market-neutral options trading strategy
  • Directional Puts and Calls - When a stock moves quickly in the right direction, this high-risk strategy pays an extremely high reward
  • Straddle/Strangle - Profit big when the stock moves quickly and substantially in either direction

Forget black-box systems that leave you in the dark

Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned trader, you want to know the analysis behind the trades. At Crestrade we believe strongly in the value of education and improving the trading ability of our members. We call it a "glass-box" approach to trading:

With Crestrade, you will always know exactly where we stand on every trade through its completion. We will send you real-time entry AND exit trade alerts along with our online trade forum-(Forum Demo).

Success through proven methodology/experts

When our trading experts send you trade recommendation, they are doing so because they see a trading opportunity that has one or more of the following key elements to options profitability:

  • Limited risk and minimal effect on buying power in your account
  • Limited risk and minimal effect on buying power in your account
  • A maximum profit of 2-10 times the amount of money risked
  • Ability to profit from range-bound stocks over defined time period

Trade Options on YOUR Schedule

You shouldn't have to lose out on the opportunities of options trading just because you are busy. Trade alerts are designed specifically so that you can place the order with your broker anytime prior to the next trading day. Each alert and update comes complete with entry price limits, stop loss levels and profit targets. You will be able to trade with confidence knowing that expert analysis and accountability is behind every position in your account.

Your membership with Crestrade will also include our Day Trading System and Swing Trading System. You just set up your preferred allocation of our strategies and let your broker take care of the rest.


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