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Small Cap Day Trading System

Your membership to Crestrade will include alerts from the Small Cap Day Trading System:

Small Cap Day Trading System Specifications
Perfect for: Day Traders looking for quick daily profits on stocks under $18 and zero overnight risk
Trading Style: Day Trading
Average Hold Time: 20-120 minutes
Trade Frequency: 1-3 per day, max of 4 simultaneous open positions
Focus List: High volume and volatility stocks trading under $18/share
Strategy Objective: 55-65% winning trade ratio with winning trades profiting significantly more than losing trades cost
Profit Goal*: 1.0 - 3.5% Profit per Trade
Risk Control: Stop Losses of .75-1.50% on every trade
Alerts Used: Real-Time Entry and Exit Signals through Crestrade Live Trading Room
Requirement: Pattern Day Trade rule applies-- must have $25k+ in brokerage account

* Note that profits are NOT guaranteed on ANY trade, and that the SEC wants you to know that "Day Trading involves risk and you can lose a lot of money". Please allocate funds responsibly

Day Trading Small Cap Stocks for Profit

When we talk about "small cap" stocks, we are referring to the price of shares, not the actual market cap. These low-dollar stocks allow you to buy more shares per trade and often have greater volatility than higher priced shares. Crestrade will help maximize your profits by following these 3 specific day trading rules:

  1. Meaningful Trade Entry: Successful day traders do not feel the need to always have a trade open. Knowing when to trade is extremely important, and you can trade with confidence knowing that Crestrade alerts are coming to you with a statistical probability of profit and expert analysis behind them.
  2. Risk MUST be controlled: Not every day trading alert will be correct. That is why every small cap trade will have a well-defined stop loss that quickly gets you out of losing positions and refocused on the trades that are making you money.
  3. Give small winners a chance to GROW: Rookie traders like to take profits quickly. Successful day traders understand that winning trades must be allowed to breakout. Very often, we will move our stop to our entry price and hold the trade until it has PROVEN to us that it isn't going to turn into a HUGE winner. Imagine closing out a trade that actually EXCEEDED your profit goal!

Live Trading Room gives you Real-Time Alerts and Analysis

You will use the Crestrade Live Trading Room to get your Small Cap Day Trade alerts:

  • Real-Time Entry and Exit signals-- Never guess again when it is time to get out of a position. We will always alert you exactly when to get in and out of every trade in real-time.
  • Exact trade details and instructions-- Small Cap day trade alerts all include extremely specific details including; the stock to trade, whether to use a limit or market order, the stop price (to limit risk) and the target price for maximum profit.
  • Full Disclosure of Reasoning-- Learn day trading and understand methods that we use to trade small cap stocks. With every trade alert, we will tell you WHY we making the trade through a detailed explanation of the expectations that we have for the trade and the analysis that led us to it. With our Live Trader Cam and Trader Screen Share, you will always know EXACTLY why the trade alert was issued!

The Small Cap Day Trading System is a part of the Crestrade Day Trading System.

Your membership with Crestrade will also include all of our Options Trading Systems and Swing Trading Systems, along with each of our other 3 Day Trading Systems.


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