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Crestrade Privacy Policy

Under no circumstances will Crestrade provide your name, address or any personal information to any outside company by sale or rent. Your privacy is our priority.

As a financial institution we must request and obtain personal information in order to comply with the SEC "know your customer" rule. This information may be shared as part of normal business operations with the SEC and other regulatory and governmental bodies. Moreover, employee access to personal information is strictly limited to those individuals that need such information to service your account. Those individuals have a code of conduct that strictly defines how they may access this information.

With regard to the technology labeled "cookies", Crestrade will utilize cookies for managing your interaction with us, not to collect any personally identifying information about you. A cookie is a small data file we save on your PC to enhance the personalization and performance of your relationship with Crestrade you must set your browser to accept it.

Lastly, Crestrade assures you that not only is your personal information kept private, but also your trade and account information is secure. All information provided to Crestrade is protected from intrusion, denial of service and other intentional forms of disruption by virtue of the latest in firewall technology. This technology includes two-way traffic encryption, server authentication and network security that utilize Secure Socket Layer Protocol (SSL). Furthermore, our firewall and network configuration will alert the IT staff to other forms of suspicious activity such as port scanning, IP spoofing and outside exploration of our network. Thus, if attempts are made to access our network, Crestrade personnel will be able to protect your interests.


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