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Why Crestrade?

Experts Focused on YOUR Success

Crestrade's expert trading staff is made up of its two founders-- Andy Swan and Landon Swan, two brothers with unique skill sets and a shared commitment to maximizing your profits:

Andy Swan is usually running the Live Trading Room (Click here for demo) during the day:

  • Graduated from Bellarmine University in 2000 with degree in Business Administration
  • Left Boston University School of Law full scholarship to start
  • Expert in the areas of Risk Control, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis and Day Trading
  • Married with a beautiful newborn girl and a dog named Cosmo (huge Seinfeld fans)

Landon Swan prepares most of the real-time trade alert emails on Swing and Options Trading Systems:

  • Graduated from Bellarmine University in 2003 with a degree Business Administration
  • Expert in the areas of Option Spreads, Swing Trading, Statistical and Probability Analysis
  • Enjoys spending free time playing sports including basketball and wake boarding on the lake

Crestrade is hiring! We are looking for a new trade expert to join our staff. If interested, please contact us during market hours for more information. NOTE: Complete personal brokerage statements and "trading income" section of Personal Tax Return for the last THREE fiscal years is a REQUIREMENT for this position. Your application will NOT be considered without this documentation of your past trading success!

A Company you can TRUST

Crestrade is a small company with less than 10 total employees including trading staff, customer service, and website design. We all work extremely hard from a fairly "normal" office in Louisville, Kentucky...although it is not unusual for our staff to take advantage of the freedom that the Internet offers and work from home occasionally. So, how is a small company able to deliver so BIG to its members?

Commitment to Maximizing your Profit: It's what we're all about, and is the driving force behind every decision we make.

Unparalleled Member Support: We understand that without our members, our business does not exist. You will always be able to reach us during trading hours by phone, email, or live chat, and our service staff will always respond quickly to after-hours requests.

Visible Presence in the Active Trading Community: Active stock and options trading is a niche market that is growing. Crestrade is committed to maintaining its position as a leader in the industry through website presence, trade-show and seminar presentations and a growing list of industry partnerships

Secure transaction processing: Every payment to Crestrade is made through the world's #1 secure processing partner, Card Service International. All Crestrade member data is kept behind the most advanced firewall on the most secure and reliable server available to insure that your information will never end up in the wrong hands.

Advertising only accepted from companies and products that are good enough to have us as customers: If we wouldn't buy it or use it, we won't pass it on to you, no matter how much a company offers us.

Strict Privacy Policy: We will never share any information about you with anyone unless legally bound to. How's that for a simple and effective privacy policy?

Your Crestrade membership will include full access to ALL of our trading systems, newsletters and trade alerts.


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