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Trade Alert Delivery Methods

Profitable trading is all about timing and information. All trade alerts are produced in real-time and always include the following information:

  • Exact instructions on the trade order to be placed, including limit price
  • Target price and Stop-Loss price for every position
  • Trade Analysis/Expectation Video including technical analysis behind the trade, expectations and what to watch for... Click here to watch a sample trade analysis/expectation video
  • Anticipated hold time for the position

Crestrade makes sure that you have the best of each by delivering all of our trade communications through all of the following formats:

Live Interactive Trading Room

As the home of our Day Trading Systems, the live trading room is much more than a chat room -- it actually puts you right at the desk of our trading experts throughout the day through:

  • Live Trader Webcam Video and Audio -- Hear and see the trader live as he is explaining the trades
  • Real-Time Trader Screen-Sharing--see exactly what our expert traders are watching and talking about
  • Integrated Chat with other Members -- Ask the trader private questions or openly discuss your ideas with other members
  • Instant Trade Alert Analysis/Expectations Videos -- Understand the reasoning behind the trade alert and the expectations for the trade...
  • Real-Time Member Polling -- Instantly see what our other members think about a trade, an idea--anything!
  • "Ask the Expert" Sessions-- Request analysis on a stock that you are following and watch the live analysis of other members' requests.
    Click here to watch a quick video overview of the Crestrade Live Trading Room
    Click here to watch an 8-minute sample of the Live Trading Room in Action--**Be sure to click on "Scale to fit" at the bottom left of the Screen Share area when launched. Also note that recorded playback Audio/Video quality is much lower than Live mode.

Email Entry and Exit Alerts in Real-Time

You can set up your account so that trade alerts from any and all of our Swing and Option trading systems (not available for Day Trading) are emailed to you in real time so that you never miss a trade. Alert emails are concise so that they can easily be read on cell phones, tablets, etc. They will also contain a link to the Trade Analysis/Expectation Video for technical analysis behind the trade, expectations and what to watch for, as well as a link to the Online Trading Forum so that you can chat or ask questions with other members and the trader.

Here is a sample of what a Trade Alert Email will look like:
Crestrade Alerts This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: Subscription: BUYING XYZ at 13.15 Limit. Target 14.50, Stop 12.49 - Small Cap Swing Trading

BUYING XYZ at 13.15 Limit. Target 14.50, Stop 12.49

BUYING XYZ @ 13.15 Limit
Target 14.50
Stop 12.49
Anticipated Hold Time: 3-8 Trading Days

Analysis-- XYZ is in a solid 6 month, 3 month and 10 day uptrend with steady stream of higher highs and higher lows. Low volume pullback here and oscillating indicators showing oversold condition make this a prime entry point.

Initial Resistance: 13.46
Initial Support: 13.00

Expectations-- Target of 14.50 is based on resistance level established during double top in July. Stock should have steady upward movement from here, and could breakout in a big way if markets can rally behind it. Downside Risk is limited to 4%, and would require reversal breaking through fairly significant support in the 12.55 area.

Please click on the attachment below to view the trade analysis/expectation video:
Click here to watch a sample trade analysis/expectation video

The message can be located at:

This message is located under:
Category: Crestrade Swing Trading Alerts - (Swing Trading Link here)
Forum: Small Cap Swing Trading - (Small Cap Trading Alert Forum Link here)

Keep in mind that with our Swing Trading and Options Trading Systems, all Trade Alert Emails are designed with the idea that the trade can take place anytime within the next 24 hours, so do not worry about missing a trade because you are busy.

Online Member Trading Forum

Trade alerts are posted in the Crestrade Member Trading Forum. In the forum area, you will be able to discuss the trade alerts and open positions with other members and the Crestrade staff. In addition, forums are set up for member to member private messaging and alternate discussions on other opportunities that you and other members present to each other. This TEAM approach to trading opens everyone up to high-profit opportunities that you might have otherwise missed!

Click HERE to view a demo movie on "How to Use the Online Member Forum"

Keep in mind that we will always alert you with a real-time trade alert email and notification in the trading room when it is time to enter or exit a position in ANY of our trading systems!


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