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Stock and options trading can be a very profitable and fun experience, but it can also be very dangerous for new traders who don't understand what they are doing. Here are a few helpful pages for those traders who are new to the stock market and ready to learn more about the process:

How trading works -- a brief overview -- Understand why stocks go up and down, how you can profit from the movements, and some basics that every trader should know before getting started with real money.

Requirements for stock and options trading -- Learn what you will need to trade stocks and options effectively. Includes information on selecting the right broker, how much money to start with and what alternate tools might be helpful to you.

Trading Tips and Terms -- Expert strategies and techniques that you can use to get your stock trading off to a great start!

Become an expert by following the experts...

"What is the best way to learn to trade stocks and options for profit?"

It's a question we get asked hundreds of times every week, and the answer is always the same: The best way to learn stock and options trading is to actually trade stocks and options with the guidance of a trading expert AS YOU DO IT. That is the driving philosophy behind each of our advanced trading systems. Whether you are Swing Trading, Day Trading or Options Trading, you will always be in full communication with a trading expert in real-time.

This is where Crestrade comes in. Your membership with us will give you full access to trading experts who will not only alert you when they see great trading opportunities, but also be there for you in our trading room when you have questions. Just imagine how quickly you will learn to trade for big profits when you have access to a stock trading professional throughout the trading day!


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