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Recommended Broker -- Thinkorswim

Whether you are Day Trading, Swing Trading or Options Trading, you need a broker that offers great commissions, instant execution and top-notch support. We have found the perfect broker for you..

Here is why Crestrade Traders use Thinkorswim:
Lower Commissions:
  • Limit orders for $9.95/trade OR LESS!
  • 1.5 cents per share--$4.95 minimum, $9.95 max
  • The Best Executions: Saving just a penny per share is a huge profit advantage!
    Unbelievable Trading Platform--even on the road!: I really don't know where to begin here-streaming real-time quotes, complete market scan, news feed, real-time options chains, click-to-trade order entry all included free---it really is a stock trader's dream. Plus, through thinkorswim's thinkAnywhere technology, you can trade with real time streaming stock and options quotes from your cell phone or tablet!

    Watch the thinkorswim platform overview videos or try the trading software free


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