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What is Auto Trading?

Auto Trading is an opportunity presented by Crestrade and thinkorswim which allows you to have your Crestrade service recommendations automatically traded in your brokerage account.

How Does it Work?

  • You set your thinkorswim brokerage account to automatically trade your Crestrade Service with a set amount of buying power
  • Crestrade calls thinkorswim’s auto trading hotline as the recommendation is sent to subscribers and lets thinkorswim know exactly what the service is doing
  • thinkorswim instantly calculates the number of shares/contracts that need to be traded and executes the order on your behalf
  • Position is held until Crestrade Service sends exit recommendation, which repeats the auto trading process

Advantages of Auto Trading

  • Ability to trade actively without having to be available to enter trades yourself
  • Execution prices within .01/share of Crestrade averages
  • Determine exactly how much you want to invest in each service—select by dollar amount, share amount of as a percentage of your brokerage account
  • You have ultimate control — you can always exit a position on your own to take advantage of other opportunities you see in the market!
Steps to Setup an Auto Trading Account
1. Subscribe to Crestrade services
2. Open a thinkorswim brokerage account
3. Complete the auto trading forms and send into thinkorswim
4. Set your buying power for each trade

Auto Trading Costs

  • $9.95 Market Order
  • $9.95 Limit Order

There are no additional costs to thinkorswim’s low commission schedule for auto trading.


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